Our Story.

Gumbo curates content, experiences, and opportunity that expand the narrative of Black life.

Two common narratives of Black life exist in media today: celebrity entertainment and monolithic stereotypes. The vast majority of us live somewhere in the middle - everyday voices swallowed by systems designed not to reflect us. Gumbo’s vision is to expand this narrative and to make it more inclusive through content, programs, and systematic structures that level out the equity of representation.

Our work is unique in that our strategy is not anchored in a single business or program, but a nucleus of connected businesses, threaded by the ideology that opportunity for inclusive representation is rampant, especially for those of courageous, passionate and persistent enough to innovate it. And we’re innovating it.

Gumbo feeds the people. Gumbo is communal, diverse, crafted with care, full of flavor, and shares the same Black roots as the community we serve.

We are Gumbo.

If your dream is only about you, it’s too small.
— Ava DuVernay | Director + Producer