What is ROYAL?

ROYAL engages in transmedia storytelling with the purpose of celebrating Black life.

In other words, we use a variety of media platforms and storytelling mediums to amplify the narratives of the 46 million whose lives are underrepresented in the current media landscape, with a particular focus on grassroots content.

Beyond this, ROYAL is a community and a collective of creatives, activists, entrepreneurs and allies committed to elevating the visibility of Black lives, Black communities, and Black movements.


Four pillars. One vision.

Most of ROYAL's contents, programs, and services fit into one or more of the following four pillars, which is our strategic attempt to address this gap carefully and comprehensively.


grassroots content for, from, and around Blackness. 


physical and digital community for connection, celebration, and wellness.


platforms centering the amplification of Black voices.


visuals designed to empower, inspire, and to celebrate Black life.



Impact happens when people who know their value take action to better the world. ROYAL is a platform that uses storytelling as a tool for empowerment. We're designed to create impact in three key areas:



Through storytelling, ROYAL actively pushes against existing stereotypes of Black people and Black culture. We’re growing a platform that contributes to the end of systems-based violence against Black people, a subversive tool for bridging divides and nurturing intersectional empathy.


By globally coalescing creatives and promoting them through a consistent platform centered on empowerment, we are generating a stronger sense of collective unity and understanding, better equipping us to enact the civic changes necessary in our communities and beyond.


For us, education is rooted in the word’s Latin origin, “educo,” meaning to draw out and to develop from within. We know storytelling through the ROYAL platform will serve as a gateway for inspiration and exploration, where all can learn from the stories and narratives of one another.

We’ve got to keep telling our stories because our experiences are so broad and rich and multifaceted there isn’t just one way to be Black… The more stories we share the more reflective we can be of the whole diverse African-American community.
— OPRAH WINFREY | Media Proprietor