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Glappitnova’s July 13th Showcase #1


Glappitnova is discovery of millennial culture through live events and digital media building a more inclusive world. We believe in the collective intelligence of uniting different types people that traditionally aren’t in the same room and it’s our duty to showcase, curate, highlight, and connect it to the world inspiring, educating, and entertaining others.

Glappitnova’s July 13th Showcase #1

You’re coming to Glappitnova to get outside of your bubble while being surrounded by all types of extremely talented down to earth people you’ve most likely never met. Every room within the warehouse will have different activities occurring spanning storytelling, panels, dancing, debates, on-site mentorship, and plenty of turning up. This is a private, social and +21 event. Glappitnova is one of those things you have to experience for yourself. It’s not one dimensional.

ROYAL's Co-Founder, Matthew, will also be speaking on a panel that discusses the nuances of "Building Inclusive Communities." Come check it out!

Doors open at 6:00 pm and end at 11:00 pm. Details will be shared through your RSVP. Advance tickets only!

Interested in going to Glappitnova’s July 13th Showcase #1? We no longer have free tickets available, but if you're interested in purchasing one last minute, you can do so here:

See you soon!