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This agreement constitutes an order for copy (written or otherwise), as agreed to by both parties: Royal Brand, LLC (ROYAL) and you, the contributor. Unless otherwise specified, it is understood that any and all rights to copy content, thereof shall remain the property of the submitter. But by signing below, I allow Royal Brand, LLC to reprint and/or reuse the submitted work, which I have submitted herewith, in various outlets, including but not limited to the Royal magazine, newsletter, Unbound, online journal, and social media for an unlimited amount of uses over an unlimited time period. Use of the submitted copy is granted at no charge to ROYAL. ROYAL has sole discretion to proofread, edit, or otherwise enhance the submitted work. ROYAL may also request that the submitter proofread, edit, or otherwise enhance the submitted work and resend before publishing.

There is no guarantee that content submitted to ROYAL will be used or featured.  ROYAL will use submitted content at its discretion.

Although ROYAL may use submitted content at its discretion, submitted content will not be used in platforms for sale, including the Royal Magazine, without notification and agreement for compensation.