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ISSUE 01 THEME -- BLACK. (Deadline, October 15th)

ROYAL Magazine is a fully hued bi-annual print publication set to release its an inaugural issue in January of 2018. 

For this issue we'll be exploring Black as identity, Black as culture, Black as cyclical (beginning and end), and Black as color (think color psychology). Through these four tenants, we are looking for stories that illustrate the richness, complexity, and diversity in Blackness. 


UNBOUND, our online journal, is the digital arm of our content engine. Through our thematic and segmented regular content, this space allows for our contributors and audience to explore and celebrate Blackness through a number of lenses.

Via our segmented content, we'll be accepting pitches for our regular sections as follows:

Black in Action | This segment explores how we create culture and keeps our readers up to date on the day-to-day. It delves into things we’ve created in the past and how they’re coming to light in the future, as well as present time creations.

What’s the Word? | Culture critique lives here. Here you’ll find a response to how we engage with the culture we produce. From music and film reviews to fashion lines, you heard it first here!

Soulfood | It ain't no secret... Black folks can whip it up! The best recipes live here, as well as some surprise recipes that you may not consume by mouth but feed the soul nonetheless.

Wellness | This is the segment for holistic wellness, mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Makers | This segment highlights Black makers and artisans, as well as Black owned businesses.

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know! | From Black history to random facts, IYDKNYK has you covered!

Worldview | Worldview explores current events affecting our community from a global perspective to our local neighborhoods. [sub-segments that live here: Diasporic Insights, This Week in Your World, Talk Back]

Black to the Future | What does your world look like in 2025? 2050? 2075? Here Black writers will muse about the interdisciplinary possibilities of our future.

Intersectional Excellence | We know we're dope... Here’s the place where we get our shine on. From those unseen but working hard, to scholars, entrepreneurs, creatives, etc… Get ya shine on!

Playlists | The illest jams reside here. Carefully curated, we share playlists for any mood and activity.

Life | Similar to an opinion section, this section embraces all things Blackness and Black life.