About Us

Photo by  Yemi S. Kuku .

Photo by Yemi S. Kuku.

The Black Literature Collective is an international readership committed to exploring the power of Black words. We're creating space for all who wish to challenge themselves to read more, engage with a vibrant and curious community, and learn about and empower themselves in the process.



Each month, we engage with our readers in the following process:

  1. Community-influenced curation

  2. Engaged global readership

  3. Intimate conversations

  4. Original content

  5. Dynamic panels and interviews



Meet The Curator


Grove Hill and the neighboring community of Whatley, Alabama have shaped John into the man he is today. Multiple generations of his family have resided in this rural part of Alabama and it is from a deep connection with family that John has developed love for people, food, and God. It is also through the oral history of his family and older community members which John learned the richness of being Black. 


Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.
— Langston Hughes | Poet